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Transplanted from a reservation in South Dakota to the rolling hills of Southern Ohio, Lena Catcher must make a life for her family after her father's debilitating accident.


Given the name Cedar Woman, after an extraordinary incident at age seven, she exhibits the strength and fortitude prophesied by her paternal grandmother, as she builds a life for herself and those she loves.


Travel with her to Columbus, Ohio as she rebuilds her life, and the lives of her family.  Join her in the sweat lodge as she follows Zitka Mine to the fifth step of the edge of the world to find her father's soul.


Follow her to powwow where she meets her half side, and works toward her goal of establishing the first Central Ohio Native American restaurant in the nearby suburb of Westerville.


Cedar Woman is a powerful book filled with courage, romance and the beliefs, ceremonies and language of the Lakota Sioux.  You will not be able to put it down.



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"Your Son is Incapable of Learning" picked up by USA Today

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The Lake - Fun things to learn about living on a lake

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Butterflies - See how they grow and find out how to order your own caterpillar

Muskrats - A wetland mammal




Come and Experience the Beauty and Wonder

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Ohio - Read about the Buckeye State


Blue Jacket

Ohio's Natural Wonders and History




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August 17, 2007 Interview with Rebecca White

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The Louis Jones Show
June 3rd, 2007

Debra Shiveley Welch

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Interview with Joe Carroccio

Where authors and readers come together!

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Born with cleft lip and palate, Christopher waited for six days until an adoptive family was found for him.  Finally placed in the loving arms of his joyous parents, he now faced a new challenged: multiple surgeries.


Read in his own words his memories of growing up with a deformity, his fight to overcome several learning differences, his delight in being adopted, and his incredible love for the lake on which he was raised.


Just Chris is more than just a book.  It is a journey through a young man’s memories of growing up and being simply, and beautifully...


Just Chris

All kids should follow their dreams, and don’t let others tell you that you can’t do it, even if you have learning differences.  Focus, work hard, and say to yourself “There’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

Just Chris
by: Christopher Shiveley Welch
ISBN# 978-1-897512-12-8

page count: 66  

Publisher: Saga Books


It isn't often that I am privileged to review a book written by a youth, and I was very honored to be asked to review his latest book.  "Just Chris," is a work that will capture your heart, and certainly give you more than the title implies. In this book you will meet Christopher Shiveley Welch, who is one remarkable young boy. Christopher came into this world with physical problems, born to a mom who just was not able to care for this new soul.  However, there was a couple who had been believing for the child of their heart, and as Christopher writes in his book, God gave him to them.


Christopher takes us on his journey from settling into his new home to his present time.  He opens his heart to the reader. He tells of the love that covered him, the struggles he encountered in his schooling, the pain of his many surgeries to make him acceptable in the eyes of our society, and life in general. Chris speaks of friendships, mentors in his life, emotional struggles and miraculous victories. His story is simple, but complex. It is heart tugging and at times amusing, yet always laced with innocence and truth. I liked that. 


I believe after reading his story there were several things impressed upon me.  One, Chris is a young boy who faced many insurmountable obstacles in life, but through each one he found new hope, and determination to continue on. If I was watching this unfold in a movie, there certainly would have been times that I would have given him a standing ovation.


I also feel that he knows how special he is. He understands that every person comes from the heart of God and has their own purpose on this earth.  No one is a throw away person, and because of his wonderful upbringing, and what he has already overcome, he sees the world and those in it as very special. That in itself is a rare gift.


"Just Chris," is more than a boy telling of his life.  It is a story that surely will bring encouragement to many who face challenges, feel worthless due to some physical handicap, or face rejection in any way. It is a story of hope, courage and steadfast love. I believe Christopher has an exciting life ahead of him, and he will fly to heights that even he cannot imagine at this time.  A great read, from a great young man.

Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review  


Paperback Kindle

Suitable for all ages, this poignant story explains

what it means to be adopted in a loving, spiritual way.


Paperback Kindle


We walk many paths which lead us to

the major decisions we make throughout

our lifetime.  Read how one mother’s journey

through poverty, child abuse and loneliness

brought her to


The Adoption of Christopher




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Paperback Kindle


 Charismatic, enigmatic, televangelist and philanthropist, Dr. Oma Mae Adams, lives a mission-filled life linked through fate to Gandhi and trussed by direct counsel from Jesus. Yet despite such divine favor, she is vulnerably human after all, as in the end, diabolical forces hold sway.  Gunned down in front of the television station where she tapes her popular religious program, her shocking death leaves a bereft world with two questions: 

who killed Oma Mae Adams ---and why? 

Read the First Chapter



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Did you enjoy Hallmark's production of The Christmas Card this past Christmas?


Please allow me to introduce you to Glorinda


 Glorinda Marie is a versatile actress. She has played an array of roles 
in award winning independent features, shorts and commercials. You may 
have recently seen "The Christmas Card," a Hallmark original holiday TV 
film, starring Ed Asner, John Newton & Alice Evans.  Glorinda plays 
'Molly' the local diner waitress, in this warm modern day love story 
between a soldier (Newton) and a Northern California girl (Evans) and 
directed by Stephen Bridgewater.

Here is a related article of interest: "Inside Tips: Paving Your Way To 
Stardom: Hallmarks New Sweetheart; Glorinda Marie" by Manda Spring: 

For for more information about Glorinda Marie and to watch 3 demo reel 
samples of her work. Go to: http://www.glorinda.com





Building A Family Through Adoption


Sometimes Life is a Metaphor - A philosophical look at physical differences


Support for Families Dealing with Cleft Lip and Palate


Pacific Cleft Prevention Program

(If you are planning to have children and you have a family member with a cleft, please contact us to find out more about the prevention of cleft anomalies.)




Read about Lippy the Cleft Affected Lion



Print a Lippy Flyer to Share With Your Friends/Doctors and Teachers




For Web Sets  Back Ground Tiles  Adoptions  PSP Tutorials







Memorial Page - Columbia


This web ring is open to any individual or family who is dealing with cleft lip and/or palate and/or other craniofacial anomalies.

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